Kultures - Living in the Same House

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Kultures is from Cleveland, OH. Not far from our most featured artist, The Satellite Station. And when we heard the first few seconds of this magical song, we found a slight vocal resemblance between these two neighbors. But they each have a very distinct musical universe.

Justin Miller, aka Kultures, offers us a pretty incredible and surprising mix of genres. Electric guitar, piano, powerful bass, and even a trumpet, Justin is a talented multi-instrumentalist. And you could almost say that his voice is the instrument he lacked in his palette. A voice that he masters perfectly, even for the highest notes.

As for the lyrics, the poetry and the metaphors punctuate the song wonderfully. Imagine that you fall in love but you're not 100% sure about what will happen next.

And on the production side, it's amazing. There are a lot of elements, it's true, but it's not overcrowded because everything is cleverly dosed. "Living in the Same House" is a gem that will seduce fans of our 3 favorite genres: indie-pop, indie-rock, and indie-folk. Because the song has this particularity: it is a unique and very successful meeting between several musical universes. Justin has succeeded in creating his own musical universe, by combining several of them. And we have already told you several times, it is a real advantage for an artist. Being capable of not being able to get a label pasted is not for everyone. Well done!

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Feeling Lost" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.


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