Kristopher - Borrowed Time

February 07, 2021

When I heard the piano melody on the intro, I immediately perceived an emotional wave: it's going to be fantastic. And from the first words sung by Kristopher, it is confirmed! This voice! Wow, so sweet and so reassuring at the same time.

The words are powerful and the lyrics touching. During the first chorus, we become aware of all the vocal power of the artist. And ... we take a slap. Obviously, it's not violent, on the contrary, but the emotions will invade you in a rather surprising way. We are wrapped in cotton.

The percussions, initially discreet on the first chorus, gain in intensity from the second verse and they are absolutely fabulous and full of delicacy.

I think a lot of people on Earth are currently suffering from isolation, and this song is kind of a way to remember those "borrowed times" too.

Even if we are talking here precisely of a romantic breakup, the break we are currently experiencing with "the world before" is just as obvious.

If you feel like you are going to cry while listening to this song, do so. Denying our feelings is perhaps the worst thing to do.

To sum up, Kristopher is really promising. We are going to follow this young talent closely and he may surprise you again in the future.

"Borrowed Time" is released today via Artemis Music, a brand new label, a brand new label that we are pleased to welcome in the world of independent music and with whom we had the pleasure of working on this release.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Kristopher's point of view :

I want people to open up to their emotions. Borrowed Time is about settling for less love than you deserve because it’s better than no love at all.

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More about Kristopher :

KRISTOPHER gives us music from the heart that’s personal and genuine. His passion to help and inspire others through his music is also a journey of self-reflection. Kristopher’s distinctive vocals shine over compositions that are mesmerizing and evocative, aspiring to create relatable songs that speak with authenticity and truth. With a degree in psychology and over a decade of musical theater and orchestral experience as a performer and multi-instrumentalist, Kristopher’s songwriting is both piercingly personal and empathetic. Never out of touch with his painful beginnings or the traumas of injustice, Kristopher’s ethos of inclusiveness and kindness seeks to empower others to feel and to heal through the cathartic influences of music that have been so critical to his own journey.


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