You Should Really Know These Songs (April)

April 09, 2021

Hello, I’m Luna Keller and you’re reading "You Should Really Know These Songs", a monthly blog post where I highlight some of the great indie music from my all indie show/podcast. Winter is over and more upbeat songs are being released, get ready for great rhythms and powerful voices in this months selection.


Mike Robert - Cold

Mike Robert convinces with an incredibly strong vocal performance and beautiful imagery in his latest release „Cold“. It’s one of those songs that you can listen to in two different ways: singing along and letting the upbeat arrangement lift you up, or listening to the lyrics and be moved by it’s story. It uses that juxtaposition to tell a story of numbness and the desire to feel again with a heartbreaking urgency. „Cold“ is one of the songs of Mike Roberts upcoming secret album written after his service in the army and travels through the world. I’m sure he has a lot more to tell through his music, I’m definitely looking forward to hear where his journey takes us next.

Listen to „Cold“ here:


Mili & Bertie - The Other Side

A good song comes from a personal place but allows the listener to give it its own meaning, „The Other Side“ is a great example of that. With its hook „I’ll see you on the other side“ it conveys that feeling of leaving something behind and lets us give it our own interpretation. The songwriting is not only strong lyrically, the melodies carried by the beautiful harmonies of the british alternative pop duo are incredibly catchy. Mili & Bertie create a polished crossover sound with lovely acoustic elements and clean mix combining the best from the folk and pop world. „The Other Side“ is a bold and powerful musical statement that showcases the artistry of these two amazing creatives, to quote the song „I’m not sorry“ (that I discovered this single).

Listen to „The Other Side“ here:


Brought Down - Kipani

Kipani showcases a very recognizable sparking indie pop sound that allows for grit and personality while still having catchy melodies and a high quality production. „Brought Down“ pulls you into the song with an awesome groove and a compact sound. The song opens up and builds beautifully in the chorus creating great dynamic movements that keep you hooked from start to finish. The star of the song are definitely the New Yorkers vocals, that have a defiant and confident tone to tell her story. In „Brought Down“ Kipani shows strength both artistically and as a woman singing with an empowered and fearless voice.

Listen to „Brought Down“ here:


Nel Unlit - Six Nights

There are a lot of fascinating things to write about „Six Nights“, the latest release by Nel Unlit. It’s a beautifully layered and crafted folk song created by collective of songwriters. It started as a christmas gift for one of the members wifes, the result is a beautiful combination of a personal and heartwarming love declaration and a wonderfully intricate arrangement. One of the musical highlights is the rhythm of the song, played by the two drummers of the collective - it really lays a perfect foundation for the beautiful guitars, bass and harmonies to build a unique soundscape. „Six Nights“ has everything I would ask of an indie folk song, its honesty moves my heart and the excellent composition makes my musical soul happy.

Listen to „Six Nights“ here: