Ylissa - Byron

January 15, 2021

From the first seconds of Byron, it is Ylissa's voice that welcomes us, and seduces us directly. Wow. This voice is so emotional. The production seems carefully done, and when you hit the chorus, here it comes! A magnificent explosion of successful vocal harmonies, a huge and powerful hook, and we stay glued to the chair. What power! We love this huge wave of emotion that sweeps over us in a fraction of a second. And the bridge isn't going to leave you indifferent. Until a wonderful final chorus, and it's already over. It's true that the song's length is average, since it's around 3:30, but we are surprised when it ends: what? Already? Let's play it again, and again! The song hides a double meaning. It can be addressed to someone as much as to a place we miss. This is how we see the intelligence of the artist, who masters poetry and words to perfection. Because no, a good production is not everything. The creativity of the artist is an essential ingredient in a good song. The stroke of luck is that here, we have everything in one place.

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Ylissa's point of view :

Byron is a dreamy powerful pop ballad. An empowering call to arms for when you move on from a painful situation, find the lesson, heal and forgive yourself. The double meaning of Byron is as my love note to Australia, how I miss Byron Bay, and reclaiming the place for myself, making happy memories to paste over the bad ones.

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Biography :

Dreamy powerful adult pop. Ylissa is a story-teller rarely found in commercial music today. A dreamcatcher, heart breaker, wanderluster, survivor. Some call it dreamy power pop reminiscent of Sia, Vera Blue and 1989 era Taylor Swift, or the soaring melodies of Kate Bush and Tori Amos. Some hear the quirk and sass from Haim or the unashamed sensuality from the likes of Banks or Jessie Ware. She is brutal, she is raw, she is fearless. Her first single in 6 years is Byron, a love note to Australia where she once lived. A song about redemption, forgiveness and healing.


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