Willo - Does Anyone Know

May 03, 2021

What amazes first with Willo is the quality. Undeniably. Cécile and Olivier's voices are made to be together, and at 2.21, when they come together on the chorus, the song takes on another dimension.

We feel the emotional wave invading our whole body. Very melodic and very cinematic, "Does Anyone Know" warms and comforts, at a time when we all need it.

And besides, if they caught the eye of our colleagues from Rolling Stone, there is probably a reason. And we know it: the quality of their work is enormous. So is the potential.

With mesmerizing vibes and divine poetry, these guys had everything to seduce us and they won us over.

Based in the South of France, like us, this band deserves to be known. We wish Willo a long and beautiful journey, but we have no doubt that they will succeed in conquering the hearts of indie-folk fans.

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