November 04, 2018

Here is a band that we like a lot. We can even say that we are fans. As soon as they released a single, we played it on Pop'N'rocK Radio, do you remember? They are coming back today with a new EP called "Lace & Layers", just released this Friday. Lauren, Tyler and Zach are WILD, one of the most effective bands of the time. Spotted also and often put forward by our English colleagues from Alexrainbirdmusic, our American trio once again asserts its power in this new EP. Particularly cheerful tracks, with melodies that stay in your mind, very powerful and effective, it's the secret recipe of WILD. Each track is an anthem. If you like folks sounds, with a touch of pop, a lot of love and sharing, and above all an incredible feeling of escaping at each listening session, this EP is for you. We tried to choose a favorite, we didn't succeed. Every track worth it. And we're still convinced: wait a little longer, and you'll hear about them.