Tristan Palmer - The Half of It

November 01, 2022

Let's get some sunshine in California, at Costa Mesa, to meet Tristan Palmer on the way.

Tristan started releasing music a year ago. But he started music at a very young age, since he has been playing guitar since the age of 8, and started writing songs at 19. The 26-year-old artist also releases electronic music as TPALMS.

Today let's focus on his new single "The Half of It", released today on all platforms. Very luminous, this single is super uplifting and brings us to reflection. How should we perceive the things that happen to us? Is everything so dark? Not really, as Tristan said about the song:

"It's about gratitude after a time in my life that was very chaotic. It's about being grateful for everything we have, even when sometimes it's hard to see".

It sometimes happens that we take the wrong path, and music is often life-saving. Tristan was studying computer science and it didn't really make him happy: "I was depressed so I needed an outlet. Started writing songs on my guitar and found that it brought me so much joy, and ever since then I've wanted to keep doing it."

And it was a good idea! The song you're hearing today is a kind of self-confession, and the least we can say is that his inspirations are fantastic:

"When I started writing songs on the guitar, I was really inspired by sublimes acoustic album, I loved how raw it sounded, and I love the way Bradley Nowell sings. Also inspired by Max DeMarcos raw acoustic stuff"

As you know, we like to introduce you to artists who do everything themselves, and this is the case with Tristan. From writing, to recording, from production to mixing and mastering, the artist masters all stages of creation. And the result is quite brilliant!

With a super catchy chorus, beautiful vocal harmonies, and little details that make the difference in the production (the electric guitar, can you find it?), "The Half of It" is a little folk gem that will enchant your chill playlists. Even with the sound of birds as a gift at the end.

Between haunting melancholy and uplifting vibes, this song is a kind of delicious UFO that is perfectly suited to the start of autumn. Yes, the leaves are falling, but it's not the end of the world. Everything will start again in a few months... for new adventures.

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