Tom Speight - Dakota

October 17, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

We discovered Tom Speight two years ago with "Want You". And it's totally by chance that Spotify suggested to us its latest release: "Dakota". We first thought about one of our favorite songs by The Stereophonics. Same title, that's quite funny. Oh wait a second! Are we dreaming? Nope... it's a cover of this magical song. And what a cover! Slightly slowed down, performed with magnificent vocal harmonies, it's like it's a new song. And that's the whole point of a cover, when the artist manages to make the song sounding like... an original track. By bringing softness, lightness, poetry in the interpretation, and a careful production, Tom Speight managed to dust off this classic, and we totally fell in love with his version. We rarely feature covers on the IMC. And it's even probably the first time. But you won't be deceived! Tom Speight is surprising. And we still love him, and his magical universe. Don't hesitate to listen to this song with headphones, with the sound loud enough, and you'll disconnect your mind for 5 minutes. We added this song to our Pure Geniuses playlist, and you'll be able to hear it on the Indie Music Radio several times a day.

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August 15, 2018 - Want You


Armed with some of his finest songs to date, when Tom Speight finally decided to push the button he did so in remarkable style. Four Eps were released across 12 months, racking up more than 50 million Spotify plays, earning support from Radio 2 and a high profile session on Jo Whiley’s show. Desperate to play live, he chalked up more than 80 shows in less than 12 months, from London to Poland, from the Scottish Highlands to the continent. “It’s amazing, yeah,” he admits with a smile. “We went to number one in Brazil. We were number seven in the global viral chart, and number one in their viral chart. Nothing’s changed, really. I always thought the songs were good, otherwise I wouldn’t have put them out there.” Tom has developed a close relationship to producer Chris Bond. Working at Bond’s barnyard studio - “No phone signal, no internet… there’s not even running water!” - the pair focus purely on music, getting as close to the songs as they possibly can. “We did all the foundations live,” he explains. “And then strings, cello, and piano we’d put over it afterwards as overdubs. I think you can hear it in the songs, that it’s not polished. It’s a human thing, which I think is missing in music.”

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