Tom Joseph - Tin Roofs

March 07, 2023

We discovered this superb Austrian artist during the summer of 2021 thanks to his song "Trouble in Mind". We were talking to you then about his warm voice. Good news! It's still here! And "Tin Roofs" was presented to us as his "first Single of this year". So more good news! That means there will be more and that Tom Joseph is back for good!

"Tin Roofs" has a lot of subtlety in the production. From those Lofi elements to the little details that make the difference like the sound of running water. Did you notice it? The song brilliantly connects the seasons between them, a nice comparison with the stages of a relationship that ends up collapsing, and each part is a new surprise with a new instrument each time. Even this surprisingly short part where we can hear clappings, which could have made it a joyful folk anthem... and only lasts 2 to 3 seconds. Yes, we told you: full of surprises!

As Tom explains, he wrote the song "while struggling with a tough breakup and it reflects its realizations within it. The truth that nothing is a given and everything can and will change, whether we like it or not, is often passed off as cliche, but it's good to remind ourselves from time to time that nothing lasts forever".

We totally agree. Nothing lasts forever. Nothing but talent.

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