Tobias Arbo - Saudade

November 16, 2022

Artists inspired by nature are definitely our favorites. That's why we fell in love with Tobias Arbo, who grew up on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden. This ideal environment allows him to slip a lot of naturalness and authenticity into his music.

Hard to believe that "Saudade", out today on all platforms via CRC Records, is his debut single. What hooked us first was the incredible writing, full of metaphors and imagery that's easy to visualize just by closing your eyes. Besides, we closed our eyes during the whole song and we were literally transported elsewhere, seeing the leaves fall. I actually think that's my favorite line from the song: "The leaves, they look so desperate when they're falling, searching for their loved ones in the piles". That's so brilliant and beautiful!

If we add to that the pure vocals without special effects, and also the few air trumpet notes (can you spot it?), we find ourselves in a marvelous landscape in which we want to stay forever. After the leaves, here we are in the middle of the pines. The images that the artist manages to paint in our minds are so powerful that they almost make us forget the melancholy of the song, which reminds us that things can sometimes escape us, as Tobias confides:

"Saudade is a Portuguese word that can be translated into "the melancholy of missing something you never had", which in itself is a paradox. To me, this song is about that feeling. When the possibility of something coming true that you long for is slipping away. And before you even had it, you start to feel like you've lost that something irrevocably."

If you loved this trip, good news! The artist is preparing a debut EP which will be released in the spring of 2023 via CRC Records. What opens the horizons a little more and transports us for other wonderful journeys. We can't wait!

By the way, if you loved this trip to Sweden, we'll get back there tomorrow!

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Saudade" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow to discover more indie music!


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