The Sea The Sea - A Thousand Years

June 30, 2020

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If you needed some ethereal and summerish vibes, we have a song for you.

Second single from their upcoming album (out on August via Antifragile Music), "A Thousand Years" is a delicate pop-folk ballad.

With wonderful musical harmonies, and an incredible sweetness, you'll feel like you're on a cloud.

As a really magnetic sound, the song will accompany your hot summer evenings, perhaps around a campfire.

Containing all the things we love in an acoustic track, you'll find here the perfect soundtrack for summer.

Try a listen in your car, with wide-opened windows, and your arm outside.

The all acoustic guitars bridge will transport you to endless natural landscapes.

You just have to close your eyes... and let the magic happen.

One of the most beautiful folk gems we've ever featured, included in our "Indie Folk Gems" Spotify playlist.


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