The Penniless Wild - Flesh

May 09, 2020

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What about a relaxing indie folk track to chill on Saturday evening?

Just lie down on your sofa. Or your bed. It's up to you.

Put your best headphones. Close your eyes. Ready? Launch one of the players above. And enjoy.

After a beautiful acoustic intro, with guitar and piano, you'll get blown away by an incredible voice.

The kind of voice you will never forget. Now that you've heard it, "The Penniless Wild" name is engraved in your mind.

A voice that you can feel in your body... in you... Flesh. Perfect title.

A unique vocal signature which can instantly transport you in the magnificient landscape of your choice.

And above all: make you arms hairs getting dressed vertically. Right in the middle of the target.

Do you like it? This is the magical effect of The Penniless Wild, a 5-piece band coming from Hartford, CT.

A very colorful music, made not far from Mark Twain's house.

No worries, their music doesn't talk about Tom Sawyer at each sentence.

But each sentence of this song will immerse you into a beautifully worked musical universe.

An incredibly comfortable and warm listening experience.

A wonderful indie folk gem that you can find in our May 2020 Spotify Playlist, and also in the magical "Indie Folk Gems".


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