The Habits - Ghost

February 13, 2018

[English version below*]

Il y a dans "Ghost" du groupe The Habits un côté sombre que l'on apprécie sur les couplets, et dans les refrains une sensation de bonne humeur intense. Sentiments opposés qui cohabitent dans ce morceau, ils lui donnent également une dimension originale. Le chant est maîtrisé, tant dans les graves que les aigus. The Habits est un groupe généreux. On ressent dans leur musique un don-de-soi énorme, et de puissantes ondes positives. En ces jours pluvieux en France, "Ghost" sera votre hymne au soleil, une fois le printemps venu. Disponible sur Spotify et iTunes, et inclus dans notre playlist "Indie Pop".


There is in "Ghost" from The Habits, a dark side in the verses and we appreciate it. But there's also an intense feel good sensation in the choruses. Opposite feelings that coexist in this track, they also give it an original dimension. The voice is mastered, both in up and down notes. The Habits is a generous band. We can feel in their music an enormous gift of oneself, and powerful positive waves. During these rainy days in France, "Ghost" will be your hymn to the sun, once spring comes. Available on Spotify and iTunes, and included in our "Indie Pop" playlist.

*Please note we're French. And English is not our native language so the translation can contain some language mistakes. We provide a translation to help bands & musicians to understand what we wrote about them, but most of our readers are French.