The Altogether - Brown of Gold

August 05, 2020

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This is probably the biggest surprise of the month.

As we rarely heard such a breathtaking track for a while!

The Altogether (Jonah Scott, Brian David Gilbert and Sierra Scott) came to us from Brooklyn, NY.

They recently released their 11-track album "Silo", available here.

And submitted this wonderful gem.

First, we were seduced by the fact of hearing male and female voices mixed in the same song.

As Jonah and Sierra's voices perfectly match together.

The song plays on contrasts, between quite calm verses and very powerful choruses.

We loved the overall skeleton of the track, as every part has its importance.

Alterning sweet and dynamic parts, the band offered us the most beautiful bridge we've heard for a long time...

And when we heard the final part, we got stuck on our chair.

When the song ended on the last piano notes, we were just thinking "Was that real? Or was it a dream?".

Our ears found hard to believe what they had just heard.

And when we opened our eyes again, while our arm hairs were still standing upright, the dream came true :

We really heard the biggest ending we've ever heard before.

So it allows us to add this track in our "Pure Geniuses" Spotify playlist, featuring only the best of the best powerful tracks giving chills.

And our fans know that this playlist is a kind of sacred graal, as we haven't found a powerful enough song to fuel it since January! 


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