Texture Like Sun - Just Got Over

December 21, 2020

Texture Like Sun describes himself as "Just a band, or a guy......... or a band." on his IG profile. Quite funny, but that's true. Doing everything by himself, the artist seduced me from the first acoustic guitar notes of the song. When I played this song for the first and heard that voice... I just told myself "YES. Of course I want to share that incredible voice to the world". The song builds slowly and the voice gains in power all along, until a wonderful final part. The production is awesome, and I'm sure of one thing: you will sing with him before the end. I did. And we're all humans, after all. It's just a normal reaction to an amazing song. So I was curious, I admit. I went to the artist's Spotify and discovered other nuggets, including the fabulous "Bottle" which borders on a million streams. And I was still surprised by this exceptional voice. It is a huge advantage for an artist to have a unique vocal signature. And for Texture Like Sun, I'm sure it will pay off. If you loved this song, please follow the artist, thanks to the links below, and share his music with your loved ones. We'll be off for a few days now, enjoying Christmas with our family. We sincerely wish you a Merry musical Christmas. We'll be back next week for other amazing and underrated artists for you to discover.

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The artist's point of view :

It's an Indie/Folk track that hints at the ebb and flow of emotion we feel after a perceived tragedy. Melancholic, yet somehow uplifting, the track builds throughout to a blinding crescendo. The song was recorded (like many tracks in 2020) remotely between Producer Countbounce and Texture Like Sun. Without the convenience of being in the same studio together, more time was spent reflecting and honing the track individually, then coming together for the final mix. The result is somehow more collaborative and introspective.

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Biography :

Texture Like Sun is a solo act, composer, band and most things in between. With the release and subsequent touring of his critically lauded self titled EP, Texture Like Sun has since been busy co writing and performing with glitch producer Opiuo, for film (Pawno, Measure for Measure) and lending his voice to projects with producers worldwide.


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