Ten Kills the Pack - Body

February 02, 2021

Have you ever felt like your body was asleep, almost dead, and emotionless? In the very catchy chorus of this track, Ten Kills the Pack, from Toronto, asks his body to wake up. After the year 2020 that we have known, it is not excluded that some people find themselves in a daze, no longer really knowing where they are or what to do.

Sometimes the body simply stops responding. We're talking about a more general case here, of course, but that's all the magic of this song: you can interpret it however you want. Whether it's mental health, love, or even end-of-life issues, “Come on body, wake up, I need you alive” should speak to everyone.

With a very powerful melody and wonderful production, "Body" is a jewel that we didn't want to miss. Honestly? We would have blamed ourselves.

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

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More about Ten Kills the Pack:

Sean Sroka, the Toronto-based songwriter behind the contemporary folk project Ten Kills The Pack, has made his mark in recent years by blending together literate, poetic observances and incisive musings on the human condition with cunningly composed and hard-hitting songcraft and instrumentation. His acclaimed 2019 debut release, Force Majeure, introduced his talents through the lens of a defined Toronto cityscape and its cosmopolitan hustle, bustle, beauty, and heartache. Now, with his latest EP Life, Death, & Afterwards, Sroka has expanded his scope to focus on even bigger targets—a search for interpersonal purpose, and the clarity that comes from space and growth—while losing none of the intimacy nor observant expressiveness for which Ten Kills The Pack has become known. Produced by Dave Cerminara (Father John Misty, Cold War Kids, Dawes), Life, Death, & Afterwards realizes the potential of his debut to deliver on all promised levels. By expertly weaving together profoundly universal themes to which all listeners can relate with razor-sharp songwriting plus lush and layered organic sounds, Sroka has established Ten Kills The Pack as one of modern folk music’s leading voices.


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