Tanner Cherry - Darling

October 09, 2020

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We discovered Tanner Cherry almost one year ago with "Turning". And we were waiting for his return for a long time! Last month, he released "Stole My Heart", which is much more rock, and he's now back with "Darling", out today. If you were looking for a wonderful declaration of love, here it is. Soulful vocals, emotional vibes, huge production, "Darling" is a big surprise. Especially the last minute of the song. We've never heard Tanner Cherry in such an emotional register. And we can say we love it. It's probably the most beautiful indie-rock ballad we've heard this month. We strongly encourage you to follow this very promising artist. Included in our "Indie Rock Killers" playlist. You can find this playlist on: Spotify / Soundcloud. And of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Tanner Cherry's point of view :

This song was written from a past relationship, where we discussed how important it is to be able to live both independently and dependently of each other. This helps lead to a much healthier and stronger relationship, where we each pursue our dreams but help each other as well! Also, talked with some friends in the same situation with the same perspective, which is where some of the verse ideas come from ("I've wandered down those roads that lead nowhere but I chose to go"). About the powerful ending you mentioned, we had fun with that in the studio. It took a few tries, but really wanted to capture this big, momentous feel that you can have walking in sync and life with somebody else! Trying to show victory and harmony all in one was super tough, but love how it turned out! I tried to take the two different guitar styles and blend together in the bridge and last chorus as well to capture that harmony feel.

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Born in Michigan and raised in Nashville, Tanner Cherry grew up loving and playing music. Although he started writing around age 13, his first time ever singing for anybody was not until age 15 at a school coffee house. However, he has since played countless shows through college, and started recording right after. Cherry has released a few singles, EPs, and has another upcoming single on the way. With an influence of rock, blues, R&B/Soul, and pop, he blends memorable rhythms with meaningful lyrics in hopes of connecting with every listener.

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