Summer Crowd Stereo - Here Alive

12 juillet 2019

Despite the first feeling while listening is "Wow, I would like to listen to this song on a roadtrip, with the window wide open, and my arms outside", the melancholic lyrics of this track may make it hard to pin down. But the magic is here : you remains on a positive and summery feeling. With powerful chorus driven by amazing and well worked choirs, "Here Alive" will stay in your mind for hours, we promise! Coming from Germany, Summer Crowd Stereo is a kind of UFO : it's hard to believe there's only one man behind this amazing track.

If you got the same feeling as we did, while listening, feel free now to listen to the track with the music video, which perfectly sticks to the song! The music video is very well done and produced, and looks very professional. An artist to watch this year! Closely!