Starcoast - Believe in Love

February 06, 2021

I love hammered melodies. That's it, imagine you pick up a hammer and start hitting very evenly. This is the case in "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol, for example. And besides, in many of their songs.

Well, "Believe in Love" uses this technique, and it's incredibly effective. From the first seconds, we adhere. And when the chorus comes, we shake our heads saying out loud "damn it's good"! There is an addicting side that is amazing about this song. Almost unreal. When it ends, I was seized with a frantic urge to play it again. And again and again.

I also admit that there is a nostalgic side that does not displease old people like me (remember that I am almost 34 years old and that I have been doing this for 20 years, which in the world of bloggers, earns me already the nickname "Dinosaur"). 

So I was saying a nostalgic side. Yeah, I remember back in 2003 when we were shaking our heads like morons on "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" (yes, "Believe", "in", and "Love" are included in this title haha) by The Darkness. This band had a bit of a crazy side and I have the feeling to find this light side in the singer's voice. 

But rest assured, this lightness is only in the vocals, perfectly mastered in all tones, by the way. Because Starcoast has created a very serious and very professional universe. Yesterday morning, when I discovered the music video, I was amazed. Wow, it's simple, but it is so well done! And guess what happened when the video ended? The same reaction: the urge to start over and over again.

At the last minute, a new instrument made its entry, I won't tell you which one because you have to keep a little surprise, but honestly? It changes everything, and it brings another dimension to the track. These guys have really thought of everything. And every detail.

Come on, do you want me to be honest? I haven't gotten such a kick in years. 

There is an urgent need to stop the marketing of drugs and pills. This song will make the job without any problem.

Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Starcoast's point of view :

Even though this tune dropped into our laps two years ago in the middle of a typical writing session, we felt like there was never a more fitting time to let it out than now. We wrote it in one take. We started playing together and it just happened. We have a music video following it and was released yesterday. We hit up all of our favorite visual artists from all across the globe and they are sending in pieces to add to a gallery we are hosting on our IG wall. The theme is pretty much, paint draw doodle whatever love means to you. We want to get artists talking again in one place and we also just want to spread some positivity and love. We hope our song is a place people can visit for a minute or two to just release and have a smile.

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More about Starcoast :

“Starcoast” was inspired by a meteor shower from a late-night beach walk in their hometown of Virginia Beach (US), to create songs that embody larger than life experiences. The band’s music is less of a specific sound, but rather an overall feeling that leaves behind an optimistic imprint. The band, composed of Tom Hunter (guitar/vocals), Jim Hunter (bass/harmonies) and David Johns (drums/percussion) has made its main mission to spread love, positive vibes, and expansive music to their fans wherever they go. From touring the U.K. to directing their own TV show, the band enjoys a wide variety of activities and devises a great deal of content to a vastly diverse array of fans. The main focus behind all their creations though is to give their audience a space in time where fans can open their minds, release their worries, and be present in the soundscapes and rousing rhythms the band has to offer.


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