Solar Strides - What's Wrong, What's Right

January 14, 2021

There are voices that immediately bring back memories. To me, that incredible voice reminds me of Tom DeLonge, from Blink 182 or Angels & Airwaves (only more than 30 years-old people like me will know what I'm talking about, but that's the price to pay when you're getting old, I guess). A wonderful rock voice like this doesn't exist anymore. And yet! Solar Strides are real. If you have young children, or are about to have them, then this song is probably going to grab your attention. Written from the perspective of a parent talking to their children, warning them of anything that could happen to them in their whole life, the song is incredibly bright. The hook of the chorus is just huge! We unconsciously find ourselves shaking our heads like a good old rock song from the 2000s. This kind of sound is seriously lacking in our society today. With a good bass line and powerful guitar riffs, "What's Wrong, What's Right" captivates with its optimist message and angelic melody. Although entirely performed in the bedroom of Jack, the singer and frontman (health context, obviously), the song benefits from an exceptional production quality. These days, it's rare to hear good songs longer than 3 minutes. Good news, this banger is 4 minutes long. And when you get to the end, you have a strange feeling: what? already over? So we don't hesitate, and we play it again. And again, and again. And it gets addicting. We really can't no longer get tired of it. And if you loved this song, well, another great news for you: a new single, "Goodbye Again" will show up tomorrow!

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The band's point of view :

When writing the track, Jack tried to consider what would be the most important lesson he could teach any future children. This gave rise to the narrative of a ‘coming of age’ type story, which portrays a parent teaching their child that although life has its ups and downs, maintaining the ability to distinguish right from wrong will carry them through. Musically, the track has a more synthesiserbased sound than previous releases and features the tones of the Roland Juno 106, which has featured in many well regarded songs since its first release in 1984. The idea to incorporate a more synthdriven sound was inspired by bands such as Coasts and Sea Girls, whose indie-pop music has seen both bands amass millions of steams and play some of the biggest stages in the UK.

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Biography :

Although the future in the current climate is unpredictable, Solar Strides aim to add to the current list of London-based headline shows that they have amassed in the past year at venues such as The Werkhaus, The Amersham Arms and the The Beehive. With gigs on the 12th of December at The Underbelly Hoxton and the 6th of February at The Waiting Room, the band had ample opportunity to display the content of their last EP, which was released on the 19th of December, to a wide audience. With promoters Underground Sound previously describing the band as having ‘an insane stage presence’ after their headline show at The Amersham Arms, these gigs are not ones to be missed! Solar Strides also have more material waiting in the wings to be released in the early months of 2021, which is set to be a very fruitful year for the band if all goes to plan.


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