Simon Paparo - Pirates

January 26, 2021

Here is an incredible voice. We don't hear that kind of voice every day, to be honest. Very comfortable in all tones. Playing with very high notes, from the first seconds, Simon Paparo, who comes from Australia, shows us the full extent of his vocal talent. The song is built slowly, with a gradual rise in intensity and emotions. Until the last minute, when Simon gives us a breathtaking vocal performance. In his EPK, the artist mentioned Coldplay and Snow Patrol, which are 2 of our favorite bands. Maybe that's why there is an addictive side to this song.

The building tension over time is a great move to add drive to the tune, yet for us this happens in a very beautiful way! Very well produced, the song immediately plunges us into an oceanic universe. This song is fabulous, for its poetry and its quality of writing.

Simon isn't just a songwriter, he's a circus performer: he juggles words like others would with bowling pins or flaming torches. The past year has changed us all. Sometimes our emotions have jostled, and our behavior has adapted. Not always in a good way, but... we're evolving, at least. The song is about these internal tortures, and reminds us that sometimes it is necessary to focus on our deepest feelings.

The vocal power delivered, and the emotion that emanates from "Pirates" are exceptional. For us, it is a musical jewel that deserves to be placed between your ears as a gift to start the week well.

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Simon's point of view :

"Pirates" is a song about introspection. It is a gentle reminder to continue looking inwards to nourish one’s soul so as to tread with love. In life we are always, as Tracy Chapman puts it, “tempted by the shiny apple”. As humans we can be swallowed whole by the temptations of greed, hate and wrongdoing. It is important we look constantly at the things that give us deeper purpose and meaning to find fulfilment, for example, love, kindness, generosity and care.

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Biography :

Perth born singer/songwriter Simon Paparo has been unleashing his beautiful music on the Australian music scene relentlessly. From and early age Simon has been carving his own songs and covering others with a fresh energy and raw passion that secures his audience their seats. With shades of such luminaries as Dustin Tebutt and Boy & Bear, Simon is emerging as the new Australian voice since his live debut in Sydney. Now residing in Melbourne his musical journey continues with new tracks ready for his latest audience. Paparo’s passion for acoustic guitar is undeniable although his talents stretch to include guitar, harmonica, mandolin, bass, keys and drums. With a musical style that teeters between alternative folk, blues, country and pop, his influences include Lisa Mitchell, Vance Joy, Boy & Bear and City and Colour. He is known to woo a crowd in moments and is a strong melodic performer with a captivating vocal delivery of intelligent lyrics about our time and place. Simon Paparo is an act to watch! Simon finished 3rd in “Melbourne’s best busker” with an article in the Herald Sun and played live on 3AW Melbourne. He has also been interviewed/performed live on ABC Melbourne 774 and Triple R. Simon is also a producer and score composer. He works with Australian and international based artists to record their music at his studio, Four Doors Studios.


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