Saint Raymond - Right Way Round

June 03, 2020

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We have seen this artist evolve for a few years, and we had already aired him on "Pop'N'rock Radio" a few years ago.

But this is his first visit to IMC, and we're glad to welcome Saint Raymond as we're fans of his work.

Back with a new single "Right Way Round", the artist from Nottingham plans to release a new album next year.

And this songs seems like it's a perfect launching ramp!

Becoming more and more professional, from year to year, Saint Raymond offers a remarkable quality of production

He managed to impose his indie pop universe, thanks to catchy melodies and warm vocals.

With a certain talent for songwriting, he's about to explode on the international indie music scene, we strongly believe it!

A gem to find in our "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlist.


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