Saint Barae - Hollow

November 12, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

It's obviously complicated today, to belong to a world that puts you in boxes. And still amazing to see that a simple difference in taste, or sexuality, can still lead to abject reactions. Saint Barae, coming from the Gold Coast of Australia, wrote this song after coming out to his family. And unfortunately, their reaction was not the right one. For our first post in this new genre "Indie Electro", Saint Barae brings us all his freshness, his talent and his sensitivity in a very soothing song. Definitely pure quality. With an incredibly comfortable voice in all tones, he wowed us immediately. And we thought it would be a shame if you missed it! Included in our brand new "Indie Electro" playlist (which is still really short now haha, but no worries, it will grow up soon!), and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio which also has its own Spotify Playlist.

Saint Barae's point of view :

I wrote Hollow after coming out to my family and feeling hurt and rejected by their upset reaction. I come from a very conservative background and Hollow is about reconciling my own relationship with God and the idea of faith as I try to live life as my authentic self. I am very inspired by bands like The 1975 that are able to explore controversial issues within a backdrop of shimmering pop and Hollow is exactly that. It's not a diss track - its about choosing forgiveness when you want revenge.

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Biography :

He's the sound of a neon lit street at the stroke of midnight. Synthpop shapeshifter Saint Barae has been an artist of many sounds in his short run following 2018 breakout 'Remains'. This 24 year old DIY pop artist has amassed a cult following of devotees with his colourful space themed aesthetic and a slew of soundcloud exclusive releases quickly topping over 20,000 plays. Follow up cuts 'Power + Control' and 'It Takes Two' took this rising star to the Australian stage selling out his first headline show at Brisbane's iconic Milk Factory. This early accolade helped him claim his stake in Queensland's thriving music scene with a series of support shows for local and international heavyweights including Jordan F. On his latest offering 'Edge of Nowhere' Barae is back again with all guns blazing, serving up a victory lap of some of his favourite sounds. Fans of contemporaries LANY and Lauv will find a lot to love here with a marriage of pounding electronic beats and delicate live elements that can only be described as something uniquely Saint Barae.


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