Richard Jones - Strength to Let You Go

December 12, 2019

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It is in Bordeaux, France, that you are most likely to come across Richard Jones and his musical universe, which is well established between Indie-Pop and Indie-Folk. A clever mix of vocal soaring, all in all discreet and of elaborate and well worked composition awaits you. This song has a construction that we love: in crescendo. For the uninitiated, it simply means that it gradually increases in intensity, until it reaches a final that gives the shivers. And that's what you're looking for when you browse the pages of our Indie Music Center. "Strength to Let You Go" starts with a motivated acoustic guitar. The high-pitched but perfectly mastered voice comes to rest delicately, before the rhythm sets in, to create a mysterious and delicately worked atmosphere. It is around 2 minutes that the gradual rise in emotions becomes clearer. The vocal harmonies settle, and dress perfectly an already very captivating melody. Pleasure also sets in. And it lasts. Again. A real treat for the ears. The song ends with a fade out (a fade out, where the volume gradually decreases). When the volume decreases, we are almost disappointed that it does not last longer, this moment was so magical. You just had a good time with a French artist. Proof that our France is full of nuggets to discover. Taken from the "Lucid" album.