Otto - Tell Me Something

November 04, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

It's a bit hard to believe... but “Tell Me Something”, is the first single by the UK based artist Otto. It has been released 2 weeks ago on Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart’s Bay Street Records. What first appealed to us was the character's originality. The artist is used to write songs in his bedroom, which is also... the telegram room in an old converted post office in the Welsh valleys! We immediately adhered to the slightly oldschool image, which you will find on his website, but also to Otto's authenticity. A simplicity which is rather rare these days. And a disconcerting vocal ease. A voice that marks, and that is not easily forgotten. The chorus is so catchy that you will surprise yourself singing along from the second chorus. Each post on social networks begins as a letter: "Dear you", or "Dear fans" ... We particularly appreciate this original approach. The new generation has so many surprises in store for us! There is in Otto's work an original mixture of nostalgia and freshness. It is a talent in its raw state. For a first single, we are won over. And we look forward to the rest! Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Otto's point of view :

The song is an apology letter to a friend, reminiscing upon some of the moments and words that were once shared between us. It opens up a conversation about what I could have done differently now that I'm looking back. I guess it's a song about growth, and taking stock of where I've been and where I'm going.

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Nestled at a point where hills meet, and the shadows of industry past loom over the rows of terraced houses, sits an old post office. With a brass knob graced by many hands, on a door so high even those with extreme stature needn’t stoop. If you had climbed the stairs a hundred years ago you might have stumbled across the postmaster sorting through telegrams, licking his finger while flipping through the inked pages of names and addresses. In this room now, however, resides Bertha: a re-homed upright piano, and on most days you will find, sat at this piano, Otto. Artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist OTTO is known for crafting captivating songs with poetic lines sitting alongside memorable melodies. Otto is freshly signed to 'Bay Street Records' founded by of . Stewart discovered Otto through the social recording studio app Trackd through a songwriting competition for artists in lockdown. Enamoured by Otto’s positive outlook on the world and his dedication to making music and crafting songs he’s been working with the British artist on his first releases. Prior to signing Otto had penned and self released an EP titled which captured the nostalgia of his local community. Writing songs about residents and their wartime experiences from the surroundings of his home, an old converted post office where he makes melodies from the telegraph room.


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