NÍV - Home

April 26, 2021

In times of turmoil and uncertainty, our memories from better times can become our sanctuary, and allow us to keep going. It’s that painfully beautiful nostalgia that Irish artist NÍV captures in her most recent release "Home", a delicate folk song with a deeply moving atmosphere.

With little more than a guitar, ambient sounds, and layered vocals the song has a fragile beauty like a butterfly that flies through your garden on a warm summer day. Niamh Murray, the woman behind the alias, has an ethereal voice that pulls you into the verses and creates goosebump moments when the harmonies become a part of the soundscape.

"Home" is not a happy or a sad song, it exists in that beautiful space in between that acknowledges our struggles but gives us hope. It finds light in the darkness by taking us back home, to a place where we are safe, protected, and loved. "There’s a place beyond our fears, only laughter no more tears, where our bruises disappear as our mother holds us dear". NÍVs lyrics are very visual, painting pictures in our heads that take us to a place of peace and comfort.

NÍV sends a message of resilience with this stunning new release, in a time where fear is all around us she chooses to sing about love. "Home" is the kind of song that makes you feel seen, that connects with your heart, and uplifts you when you need it the most. And since many of us can’t go home right now, or see the people we love as often as we’d like to, it becomes incredibly relatable.

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