Nick Murray

May 13, 2018

After moving our entire house (and with it our blogger's office and the internet connection that goes with it) and a week of well-deserved rest, we are back with an amazing artist. In one song, Nick Murray, from Minnesota, directly seduced us. His musical universe is warm, welcoming, and soothing. There is in "Island" (which is also the name of the EP, which we also recommend), a perfume of perfection. The production is incredible: it sounds very professional. So we wanted to know more about the artist behind this musical gem, and he accepted our interview.

Hi Nick! First, thanks for taking the time to answer to our questions. Could you start by telling us how you came to music?

Well I started taking piano lessons pretty early on, but I didn't really start writing songs or making music until I was in high school. I wrote some bad poems/lyrics then, and started singing/playing "impromptu songs" with a friend of mine.

How you felt while writing/composing "Island"? Are you working on your songs all alone?

Writing songs/music for me is very much a love/not-love relationship. I'm a bit over-analytical at times and will need to tweak something until it feels right, or, a lot of times I won't be able to finish something. When I do actually finish something, it feels really good. Recording "Island" was my first time recording in a professional studio, so that was really exciting, and also a little bit intimidating. I write all of my music alone, yes, but for the EP I had help from a lot of great musicians, mostly from my friends Tim Greenwood and Jason McGlone.

What about your projects now? Maybe a full-length album? Concerts?

I'm really looking forward to making new music. This EP was a fun project, but I think it may be too niche, and I know I can do better!.

That's true, we can always do better! Even if we already have reached a high level of quality in the production, as you did! Which artists influenced you, and what kind of music do you listen?

I really love a lot of different kinds of music, but just to list a few (in no order): Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Beach Boys, any Motown, Sam Cooke, Bee Gees, James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, ELO, The Beatles, Radiohead, annd I could keep going. Early on, the bands that got me into songwriting were Neutral Milk Hotel and Bright Eyes.

Great playlist! Thanks for your time, and we wish you all the best for your projects!

Thank you! Great website, I will definitely be visiting.


"Island" is also available on Spotify and iTunes.