Nearly York - Long Way to Go

November 27, 2020

We already knew Nearly York thanks to our English friends at AlexrainbirdMusic. Featured several times on their channel for the last few years, the band was able to accumulate a significant number of streams on Spotify. And we were very excited when we saw their names in our queue, because we already knew that it would be high quality content. And we were not wrong. A real indie-pop anthem, which ends in apotheosis and turns into an indie-rock anthem. A very powerful melody, coupled with a delicate and sharp writing, with the amazing voice of Lucas which seduced us from the first notes. A perfect cocktail to put you back in a good mood after everything we've been through this year. The song is accompanied by a simple but effective lyric video. On the production side, it's remarkably successful, especially since the band has done everything on its own, from writing to production and mixing. A real teamwork which, no one doubts about it, will be rewarded by a good reception from their public, who is loyal to them on social media. And you readers of Indie Music Center, who we are sure, will become their new fans. Well done Nearly York, welcome to the family. 'Long Way to Go' is now included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track every day on the Indie Music Radio.

Nearly York's point of view :

Hi! This is the lead singer Lucas Gienow speaking. I wrote this song in Nashville while I was on a writing trip for my publishing company. A co-writer had just cancelled on me last minute and I was feeling alone and pretty down on myself. The lyrics are very raw and personal to me. This is also the first song that was fully written, produced and mixed by members of our band which is something I'm extremely proud of!

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Biography :

Formed in 2018, Nearly York has enjoyed rapid growth and success in the studio and on the road thanks to a unique background as recording engineers and audio technicians amongst members. In just over a year, the group has an LP and a single under their belt, a new EP on the way, and a full schedule of shows across Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, from college campuses to headlining local festivals. Captivating hooks heard in songs like “Everything” and the piano-driven “Long Way to Go” stand as a testament to NY’s wide-ranging music-making capability. Accented by contemporary tenor vocals and the swapping of instruments, each song and show are unique but at the same time, unmistakably “Nearly York.”


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