N Kelsey - Trophies

February 26, 2021

"Trophies" is only N Kelsey's second single. And yet, here we find all the maturity of an artist who has been making music for 40 years.

Our athlete, who is now based in L.A., offers us a perfect performance here. As much in the writing as in the production. We were won over on all fronts.

You may have already thought about writing a letter to your father, telling him what has become of you. Past, present, future, a father always has a strong influence on our development.

We know that you come to Indie Music Center to find strong emotions. And we think you'll find them in this folk gem, which brilliantly mixes piano, guitar, and amazing vocals. 

We feel a lot of personal investment on the part of the artist to achieve such a result. There are a lot of his feelings in this song, and a lot of effort behind it.

No need for a super big production, or an epic ending, everything is balanced wonderfully in this song. The track lasts almost 4 minutes, and yet, when you get to the end, you already want to start listening again, because it seems too short.

And good news, his EP "DELTA" is coming soon. A good opportunity for you to fill up with strong emotions.

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist.

N Kelsey's point of view

“Trophies” was written after I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and on the heels of a string of personal and professional failures. The single was the result of a spiritual epiphany that brought clarity to the ever-present value of humanity in both its faults and glory.

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More about N Kelsey

N Kelsey has been a musician since the age of 5 and after spending years exploring other creative mediums, he has come full circle and is excited to launch his first public project, DELTA. His music serves as an ode to winning, losing, pain, and peace. DELTA was written with the intention to share his journey and open up space for creatives to release the stresses that come with chaos.


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