Michael Rose - I Got You

April 03, 2020

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An incredible energy, a divine voice, an incredibly catchy melody ... Michael Rose seduced us from the first second of this new single.

"I Got You" took him 10 years to write! As Michael told us:

"The idea was sloshing through my head in one form or another, having been through a whole bunch of relationships - some good, some not so much - but all worthwhile: because they taught me valuable lessons about being a better man. Being a better person."

In any case, when we listen to this song, we can honestly say that this track is a real anthem.

Divinely written, a strong vocal identity and a very worked production make this track one of our favorites of spring!

The video, very neat too, also depicts children in apocalyptic scenes. But no confusion, the video was shot a few months ago.

One thing is certain: you will remember this special voice for a long time! And you may hear from him again!

A real masterpiece to find in our April 2020 Spotify playlist.


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