Megan Henwood - Hello/Goodbye

January 12, 2021

As soon as we heard Megan's voice, we had a shock. Like an immediate teleportation in a peaceful and relaxed folk universe. And yes, that's more or less the subject, when Megan says in the chorus "Meet me on the other side, hello and goodbye". This song is a masterpiece because you can interprete it however you like. It's all about changes. Whether it is the contrast between shadow and light, between life and death, between sunset and sunrise, between past and present, or even between friendship and love. A lot of people will relate to this song. Megan is that kind of genius of work that you will not forget in a few minutes. We appreciated the vocal harmonies performed to perfection. The production is quite simple but the original rhythm shows once again all the creativity of the artist. She does nothing like other singers. And she is so right. The wonderful music video is like delicate bonus that we enjoyed to watch from the first to the last second. The final chorus gave us what we all look for when we come to Indie Music Center: chills. Yes, while listening through headphones, with loud enough volume, we ended up with our arm hairs upright. You have been warned. Let yourself go. Close your eyes. Megan takes care of the rest. And don't hesitate to listen to the rest of her work. His Spotify is full of nuggets!

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Megan Henwood's point of view :

It’s an ode to my past life as I am beckoning in a new one – like stepping through a portal.

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Biography :

Megan Henwood is a young Brit of bold acoustic creativity who broadens her palette with every release. 2015’s exceptional Head, Heart, Hand was a tough act to follow, but she’s done just that with her third album "River" (Dharma). Ever-inquisitive, Henwood doesn’t just repeat that winning formula but conducts new experiments in alt-folk, this time with elements of jazz and electronica. ‘Elements’ is the keyword, too, with recurring watery themes (notably on Fresh Water, with a terrific trumpet solo by Jonny Enser) and observations on the world outside her door. Join The Dots is another early favourite, but her sensuous voice and delicate songcraft repay every new play. PAUL SEXTON


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