Matt Gombau - Cats & Butterflies

May 10, 2021

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Making decisions is hard, writing good songs about it won’t make it easier - but it most certainly is relatable. That’s exactly what Matt Gombau did in his debut single "Cats & Butterflies" released on the 30th of March. It’s a lovely folk/singer-songwriter song with a unique perspective and an honest feeling.

When I discovered the single I was immediately intrigued by the title "Cats & Butterflies" since it’s not a combination I have ever seen in music or poetry. But the way he uses these particular animals as metaphors is brilliant. They become representations of two different voices in his head: the more pragmatic cats and the dreamy butterflies that never agree and make it really hard to make up your mind.

It’s not surprising that Gombau uses imagery pulled from nature since his biggest passion after making music lays in the forests and mountains. In his words: "I'm a fan of mountaineering, climbing, and bikepacking. Making music and going on expedition appeases me. It's a kind of outlet that allows me to breathe and disconnect from the crazy society in which we live." He’s actually planning a bike packing tour through Belgium at the moment to link those passions - just a bike, a guitar, and a very talented artist.

Coming back to the song, musically it has a dreamy and yet dynamic feel that builds beautifully with the questions and uncertainty the artist describes. It starts just with guitar and vocals, more instruments and percussive elements join in throughout but the song always feels light and playful - almost as if we could find the cats chasing the butterflies in the music and not just the lyrics.

Matt Gombau’s debut has that certain rawness of a first release, I can’t really put my finger on it but it reminds me of the "Blue Room EP" by Coldplay in that sense. It shows a clear artistic identity in an unfiltered and emotional way.

"Cats & Butterflies" is a song with personality, it manages to feel unique and authentic in the best way possible. Listen to it here:

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