Matias Malagardis

October 21, 2018

We introduced you to Matias Malagardis in June, with "My Kind Of Blue".

And we never thought that a few months later, the artist would have left us speechless with such a delicious EP. Born in Spain, the young artist, only 19, is already a big artist and gives us a great EP, called "Winter By The Sea" that you will enjoy to listen from the first to the very last second.

The EP opens on "I've Got A Plan", gently. A nice ballad, at the beginning all in acoustics, which is gaining magnitude over the seconds. With a female voice in the background to accompany him on perfect vocal harmonies, Matias offers us a song made with a great sensitivity. You just have to close your eyes. And here you are : in his universe.

"My Kind Of Blue", which we discovered in June, continues the sound adventure in a more melancholic side and sets an atmosphere of serenity, which is essential in this life, when everyone runs.

Then "Forget" comes naturally, with a much more dynamic side, and especially a much more folk point of view. Chosen as the first single, the track has everything: a fantastic writing, a voice that does not do too much, and a very catchy chorus.

On a faster tempo, "Dearest Friend" confirms the folk influences of Matias, and leaves us as dreamers. A story of friendship that could have turned into love if life had decided otherwise. We can feel in this track a personal investment of the artist, even more pushed.

And the best is coming, finally, with "Winter By The Sea", which concludes in emotions, and perfectly summarizes the 5 tracks. A ballad with beautiful female vocal parts, which brings us serenity and calm for the weekend.

In summary, a very worked out EP, with a lot of care. A real pleasure to listen to. Endlessly. We killed the "Repeat" button, to be honest.