Mat Hunsley - Backward Steps

September 10, 2021

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There are things I find it hard to believe in this world. Like when I went to Mat Hunsley's Spotify and saw he had 1.6K monthly listeners. How is it possible?

Because the first time I heard "Backward Steps", I was bewitched. Especially with this line: "Things should just get better and better, there should be no backward steps". This is exactly what I thought when I saw his number of monthly listeners. Yes, it can only be better. Because I have no doubts that thousands of other people will love his music, share it, and make Mat Hunsley a name to remember.

This little guy from Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) has all the potential to grow up, and already 5 years of musical adventures behind him. So today, we are counting on you!

His new single "Backwards Steps" is simply divine. There is no intro, Mat's voice takes us directly into his world in less than two seconds. And what a world! Artists who manage to convey emotions only with their voice are pretty rare. But Mat is definitely one of them. His voice lets all the emotions shine through, unfiltered, and the message is honest, sincere, and deep. To feel the humanity of an artist just through his voice is a real gift.

What do I like about this song? Everything. From the poetry of the lyrics that make us ask tons of questions, to the incredibly well-crafted production, and the perfect mix of guitars (electric and acoustic), everything is there to please and seduce us.

From hearing other unreleased songs from Mat, I can tell you that what awaits you in the next few months is just ... huge. This guy is a gold mine.

Mat Hunsley's deep voice enters your ears and fills your whole body with good vibes, and although the song is rather melancholy, you feel great after the first listen. You will just want to kill the replay button. We will have warned you.

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Written by Niko.


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