Mark Houston - Whispers In The Dark

March 26, 2021

It's been a long time since I had been so surprised by a song. And the choice of the category was difficult. I left to present this song to you in the "Indie Folk" section because the verses are definitely Indie Folk oriented. But the choruses are surprisingly powerful and more like Indie Rock. After discussions, we opted for Indie Rock. Let's say that it's Folk-Rock :)

This song is a bit like a surprise cone, it unfolds minute after minute. And the whole thing is incredibly well done!

Mark Houston is from Spokane, a small town in Washington state surrounded by greenery and nature. A rather inspiring living environment for our artist, who is about to release his first album. "Whispers In The Dark", out today, is Mark's third single. And for this one, we feel that he has set the bar very high.

The production is amazingly good on this track. And the rock parts make you want to stick your fingers in the plug. And also to get up and shake your head with your long rocker hair.
Very well written, the track benefits from Mark's careful writing, which combines poetry and mystery.

This artist really has a huge creative side and created his own musical universe. That's a huge advantage for an artist!

This third single is a real success and we are now impatiently awaiting the album.

Included in our "Indie Rock" Spotify playlist.

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