March - Simply

March 29, 2021

The UK-based artist March released her single „Simply“ this month. It’s a beautiful blend of electronic pop and a folky singer-songwriter feel that takes you on a unique sonic journey. The song is one of the singles of her upcoming debut album „All of the Above“ to be released later this year - and it definitely sets the expectations high.

March has a voice that I could listen to for hours, it has a certain lightness that carries the melodies beautifully. The whole song shines through her artistry, managing to be interesting, moving, and beautiful at the same time. It builds on layers of warm synthesizers, strings, beautiful vocal harmonies, and tastefully arranged drums that come in and out of the song allowing it to rise and fall.

The storytelling is absolutely sublime, she speaks directly to the listener, giving it a really personal feel. It describes that helplessness when you try to be there for a person you love, but reach the point where you realize that you can’t make them love themselves, you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. There’s a certain melancholy in that realization. „I can’t seem to help you anymore, only love will open up the door“.

„Simply“ is a beautiful honest track about one of the biggest struggles we face as humans - connecting with each other. This has become even more relevant recently, with the pandemic making it even harder to truly see another person. It’s not easy to speak as clearly as March does in this song, especially when we really care and don’t want to hurt anyone. But maybe we do need to simply let our heart speak sometimes.

The song is accompanied by an artsy video that further showcases the talent of this wonderful artist, watch it here:

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