Madeline Finn - Whippoorwill

November 13, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

It had unfortunately been too long since we had found a nugget for our 'Indie Rock' section. And it's even rarer when it's a girl who gives us chills in this musical genre. We can therefore tell you that we are more than excited to share this little gem with you. Madeline Finn wowed us with the incredible depth of her writing, her powerful yet perfectly controlled voice, and her innate sense of melody. There was a shortage of girls these days at Indie Music Center, and it looks like Madeline is catching up our late with talent. Her debut album 'Trial by Fire' was released earlier this year and it's a real slap in the face. An authentic artist, who writes with her heart, and who lets all her emotions escape in her music. A strong personality, who, no one doubts for a single moment, will succeed in making a place for herself on the Indie scene. We can't wait to see what's coming next! Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Madeline's point of view :

A conversation with my future self about all the things I’d give up to be where I think I want to be. Writing ‘Whippoorwill’ was a challenging exploration into the world of personal sacrifice and the meaning of success. A passion piece from start to finish. Produced by Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade) and Owen Lewis (Phillip Phillips, Banners, Lady Gaga), this tune took on a form of its own. I have never been more proud of a song than I am of this work. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and that it speaks to you in some way.

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Biography :

Madeline Finn touches on a wide range of sonic directions in her solo work: sparse folk, meditative piano ballads, twangy rock, and string-laced indie. Luckily, the Cleveland-raised singer-songwriter is also the rare vocal talent with the range to handle just about any music she wants to write. She'll howl and whisper, rage and mourn, croon and conspire—always with breathtaking precision and heart-piercing sincerity. A Top 70 American Idol finalist in 2018, Finn has also fronted two bands (the pop-punk-leaning band Envoi, Americana-tinged trio Whiskey Hollow) and toured throughout New England, the Pacific Northwest, and her adopted hometown of Nashville. Recently released a new solo album ‘Trial By Fire’ mixed by Dave Schiffman (Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Frank Turner).


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