Luke White - Keep Holding On

January 13, 2021

I must confess something pretty bad. I usually don't have time anymore, unfortunately, to browse social media to find amazing songs for you to discover. And it's a bit easier for me to wait for the artists to come to me through a submission. I don't know if it's my lazy side or just the fact that my working days are already 15 hours long, haha. But well, fortunately, Luke followed IMC on IG a few weeks ago, and I was more curious than usual, so I got to know his work and, when I heard "Keep Holding On", I was like... really blown away by the huge quality of what I was listening to. An incredible indie folk track, with powerful and honest vocals. A very catchy melody, especially on the final part of the track, my head was shaking even before I realized it. I think you know me quite well now, and you may know that I love when the song builds until an epic ending. That's the case with this amazing track. Another genius of words to add to our already long list of amazing artists. Little bonus, the music video is as amazing as the track, so don't hesitate to watch it entirely, it really worth it! 

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Luke's point of view :

It’s some of my best work, and I feel it’s so relatable as it’s all about the struggles of lockdown, but looking at the positives and keeping our heads up in these times.

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Biography :

Luke White is a singer-songwriter whose guitar based music and heartfelt words mirror his influences John Mayer, Damien Rice and James Blunt. His first single U.N.I was released in November 2018 and has reached over 16k streams to date. He had been writing and recording his music in a studio in his local area in Bedfordshire for three years and continues to record, release music and gig. Luke has released another single since that in 2019 called 'Love You Like I Do' which takes a electronic, pop approach. He has a very varied sound and style and this is particularly clear in his live performances as you will hear genres such as blues and rock, all the way to stripped back acoustic songs. Luke has been gigging a lot over the last year in places such as London, Bedfordshire and Guildford. he continues to gig solo and with his backing band. Luke's most recent single, which he also released a video for, was a song called Break My Fall. He has had lots of interest from various radio stations such as Eagle Radio, Soho Radio and BBC Introducing. White has showed his talent so much in live performances that he was approached by a talent scout from Warner music not long ago!


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