Louie Louie! - All Fall Down

September 22, 2020

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If you missed 2000's pop-rock bangers, that you can sing along easily, giving you a lot of motivation... then, you'll probably love this track! After all we've been through, this year, we don't really know what do right now. What are we supposed to do when everything falls down? Why not partying with this incredible pop-anthem? In only 2:28, the song will put you in a good mood, for the rest of the week, and probably more. With simple lyrics, and a very catchy melody, Louie Louie! succeeded in captivating us in his colourful and a bit crazy world. We will probably get out of this mess soon, and we should start to think about how doing things differently. And it's the perfect song for it. We can't wait to hear what's next! And of course, it's included in our "Indie Pop Anthems" playlist, as it's a perfect fit. You can find this playlist on Spotify and Soundcloud

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The chorus of this song is as much a question to myself as everyone else asking, "when we all fall down, will we turn it into something?" It was inspired by heartbreak in a decaying society.

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Louie Louie!, the new project of former HOLYCHILD member Louie Diller, is bringing back all the charm of anthemic, 2000's pop-rock jams. Louie brings us soaring highs in his new single "All Fall Down,".

The former HOLYCHILD star saw international success for their brat-pop sound and dance-like-nobody's watching attitude. With praise from the likes of NYLONNMEBillboardLA Mag and several others, HOLYCHILD was viral. However, Diller has spent the past few years finding his solo voice and perfecting his sound. Louie Louie! has evolved into that project - an honest reflection of the trials and tribulations he's experienced in the last 4 years.

Life sure has a way of humbling you and Diller is no stranger to that. "In 2016 I went from making half a million dollars to food stamps after a whole lot of financial mismanagement, classic music biz shit show and some," he shares. "That same year I also had my heartbroken by a girl, who I thought I was going to marry, and found myself living next door to the Mexican mafia in east LA, who were hustling me every other day. That same year my dad came down with cancer and though he thankfully beat that shit, for most of 2016 it wasn't clear if he'd survive. And then Trump got elected. Out of all this, Louie Louie! was born."

Diller began writing his debut album, Heartbreak In the Fall Of The Empire, which is about falling in-and-out of love while society crumbles around him. "All Fall Down" is the first song from the album and a spilling out of all his misery.

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