Lanterns - Higher

March 17, 2020

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As Europe begins lockdown in a lot of countries, we introduce to you Lanterns.

A good way to be prepared to stay home with good music!

The band is from Accrington, UK.

Dominic Collopy is on guitar and vocals, Conor Mooring on bass, and Owen Malcolm on drums.

And the least we can say is that these three guys know how to carry emotions with their music.

With powerful guitar riffs, and a voice that is comfortable in all tones, even the highest, Lantern imposes its style.

Quite indie-pop oriented, flirting with the indie-rock borderline, the band offers us in "Higher" all its power.

Well written, sung to perfection, and carried by an incredible production, the song carries us in another world. Just close your eyes.

We look forward to discovering more soon and we will follow this group closely!

A gem you'll find in our March Spotify playlist.


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