La Fonda - Delusional Bird

December 29, 2020

I don't know why, but in recent years girls have become scarce in the rock world in general. In indie rock, it's even worse. We hardly see them anymore. So it's always a pleasure to hear pretty female vocal harmonies knocking on the door! So, if you are a musician and have plans to start a band, please consider taking girls! It is missing! La Fonda is a Seattle dream pop band led by two sisters. A family adventure that today allows them to flourish in what they love the most: music. In this new single released today, "Delusional Bird", we found a few ingredients that seemed familiar to us. The delicious vocal harmonies of the sisters reminded us of another family adventure, across the Atlantic Ocean, in Ireland: The Corrs. But La Fonda has a unique sound. A style that may seem retro, made with modern production tools, a melody that sticks to your mind in just a few seconds, and above all, emotion. Because you know, this blog wouldn't work for years without emotions. I'm not used to bitching, but honestly, I find that their number of monthly listeners on Spotify has a problem: it proves that our brains are lobotomized by what we hear on the radio every 2 hours, and that we all urgently need to find something else. So do me a favor. Share this band with your friends and family. They need it. I mean: your friends, and your family need it. Show them that there's something else than Ava Max.

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The band's point of view :

Delusional Bird” reflects upon youth and the early formations of La Fonda. The story begins with two sisters, hand in hand, united in harmonies. Fate and proximity would guide them towards their brothers in music and initiate the band's journey chasing their wildest dreams. Chaperoned by adventure and bound by love, it is only through vulnerability and trust for one another that La Fonda has been able to brave the skies of their dreams without fear of falling, holding each other up through life's struggles and unpredictable realities.

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Biography :

La Fonda is a lyrically-driven indie dream pop band, defined by sister singer-songwriters Veronica and Valerie Topacio, exploring love, longing and loss with harmonically rich vocals, reverberating, 60s surf-esque guitars, driving bass lines and synths. The group started in the summer of 2015 when Veronica and Valerie began writing songs and busking at Pike Place Market. The sisters grew up in a musical family where singing in the living room with guitars was a regular affair. Magic blossomed when they reconnected with guitarist Jesse Cole, friend from the past, whose blue-wave guitar style mixes perfectly with their harmonies. The Sisters and Cole then met their musical soulmate, bassist Bryan Dever. Weeks later, Bryan’s childhood friend Patrick Hodge joined the ensemble on keys/synth. As with many budding groups, the throne behind the drums saw several friends come and go. It wasn’t until after three years in that fate and proximity would lead them to Jacob Whinihan (Special Explosion) as their percussionist, joining the band in the spring of 2019 before launching on a month-long tour down the west coast to SxSW. Cemented in musical comradery, La Fonda looks to their music as a compass to help each other navigate through the compounding pressures and disarray of adulthood while attempting to adapt and find their way in an ever-consuming digitized and radically polarized society. Making wake in the music scenes along the west coast over the last couple years of touring down to SxSw as well as building a presence in Seattle playing to sold out crowds, including opening for national touring acts such as Snail Mail and appearing in festivals like Capitol Hill Block Party, the band is burgeoning and looks to continue to tour and release music. Nearing the end of production on their anticipated elementary album, La Fonda connects with their fans through discussing life living paycheck-to-paycheck, learning from break-ups, the lingering effects of infidelity, stripped confidence, and adolescent traumas. The family that makes up La Fonda hopes the vulnerability exposed in their music steers people closer to their core, reminding those who can hear them to show up fearlessly in love and life, broadcasting their most authentic, confident and beautifully vulnerable selves.


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