Kevin Atwater - Freckles

August 14, 2020

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Our thoughts about the song :

This track has something magical. And we can't really tell if it's thanks to Kevin's incredible voice or thanks to its simple yet so effective production. In any case, Kevin's voice is comfortable in all tones. He could sing whatever he wants! The lyrics are heartfelt, perfectly fluid, and are sometimes delivered with impressive speed. The melody is more than catchy, and we can only adhere to the message of generosity of this new talent. Kevin is one of those artists who doesn't care about other people's eyes. And he is absolutely right. He expresses himself with sincerity in his music, his passion takes over, and that's all that matters. An authentic artist, of which it is the first single (hard to believe, as the quality is there). We can't wait to find out more. We sincerely wish him that his music goes as viral as his videos on TikTok. About videos, the lyric video attached was made by Kevin, all by himself. Congrats for being so creative!

Kevin Atwater's point of view :

This is my first major song release. I am a member of the LGBTQ community, and I sing from an unafraid and distinctly queer perspective. I wrote this song about queer affection and longing, and tried to capture the uncertainty of gay love in the lyrics. I animated and edited the youtube music video that I plan to release along with the song. I am a TikTok personality, with over 200,000 followers and over 8 million views, and am trying to bring my passion for songwriting and music to my followers. I hope that my song comes across as authentic and true to gay love and wanting.

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Kevin Atwater is a 22 year old singer/songwriter and actor based in New York City. Kevin knew from a young age that music would be a highly influential factor in his life, and he surrounded himself with it as much as possible. He took classical piano and clarinet lessons, taught himself guitar, and got involved in musical theatre. Recently Kevin has become a notable TikTok creator, known for his comedic videos and quirky sense of humor. In only a few months, he has quickly amassed over 200 thousand followers and millions of video views. The music that Kevin makes challenges ideas of traditional masculinity, and he makes no attempts at hiding his sexuality in his lyrics. Kevin writes queer music with no hesitation or shame.

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