Katherine Fischer - Memories

January 02, 2021

After the huge indie pop anthem of yesterday, let's calm down the atmosphere with a wonderful indie folk ballad by Katherine Fischer. Out yesterday, the song is a bit surprising. From calm verses, the song builds slowly into a huge wave of emotions. You probably already know that we love builds and progessions in a song. This one is a concrete example of how a song can surprise you and move you deeply. As 2020 is finally behind us, and will now only be "Memories", this song comes timely. This is a song you can listen to with your loved ones besides the fire. For a warm evening, Katherine's voice is the only thing you need. 

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Katherine Fischer's point of view :

When your mind brings back the people and times that you'd rather forget. "Memories" is a reflection of this year & beyond. The unknown of life is reflected in the creativity of the sounds (a malfunctioning plugin used as percussion & individual guitar notes layered and edited to sound like pedal steel). A sonic departure from it's singer- songwriter lyrics, "Memories" reflects the the unexpected evolution 2020 brought us all.

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Biography :

Katherine Fischer 's unique pop confessionals are the medicine for when our hearts get sick, served with an eccentric dose of sugar to help it all go down. To see her play, is to know her story and end the night as if parting from an old friend. Katherine has already played over 100 shows in her short, yet momentous, musical career. Sharing songs from festival stages including this summers Winnipeg Folk & Home County Music & Art to living rooms with SOFAR sounds. Come to listen, stay to connect and, if anything, know that Katherine Fischer’s songs are her gift to you.


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