Kane Miller - Something New

May 17, 2020

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While some countries have already finished their lockdown, others are still under lockdown.

And we all need hope to get through this tough period together.

So here's the perfect song.

The kind of song that will put you in a good mood when you wake up, and make your day.

That's why we choose to share it on Sunday, to make your week-end even more bright!

Written under lockdown, "Something New", the new single from Kane Miller, is a kind of hope for a brighter future, talking about looking towards tomorrow and leaving the past behind.

And this is a great idea! The music video was made with fans under lockdown and the result is amazing.

We are incredibly lucky to have all these talented musicians who continue to give us joy in life.

With a very catchy chorus, Kane Miller sings a positive message to the whole word, and the result is very professional!

The only thing this song needs, now, is to be shared worldwide! 

And we are counting on you!

Another gem to find in our May 2020 and Indie Pop Anthems Spotify playlists!


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