Julia Faulks - Not Losing Sleep

January 21, 2021

Sometimes the gap between what you want in a relationship and what you really get is huge. The disillusion is certain for Julia Faulks, when one hears the words of "Not Losing Sleep". The big ready-made phrases like "Love is 50-50", or even "Nothing is perfect", are swept away with the back of the hand by our artist in this break up song. And our protagonists became total Strangers, as she says in the chorus : "You're lost in your world and I'm in mine".

Yes, I used Strangers, like in Elkvilla's song we shared with you on Sunday. The writing theme is quite similar here. Julia Faulks' soft voice immediately won us over. Her delicacy made us feel like on a cloud. Julia says sometimes you have to surround yourself with a good producer, and this is the case with this song. The production is of an excellent quality, although it seems simple at first glance, certain details (which you will not notice by ear) prove to us that it is not.

The production is much more elaborate than you think. That's the whole paradox of this song: having managed to use today's material, to give it a very pleasant late 90s touch. And the sensitivity and the authenticity of the artist do the rest. You don't need over-the-top vocal booms like Mariah Carey to make a great singer. Intelligently dosed emotions are enough. Julia is a rough diamond. By surrounding herself with the right people, she becomes sparkling.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Julia's point of view :

I have always loved music and even though my piano and guitar playing is pretty sub-standard, there are melodies in my head which can’t be contained. This was what always held me back (apart from the fact that I am 40 and a mum of two!) – worrying that I couldn’t do it without being a Grade 8 student or having a music degree (although this probably would have helped somewhat…). Now I know that if you have the vision, a good set of pipes, and a very good producer, anything is possible. I found a music app which generated the chords I wanted for the melody and from there I sung it down the phone to Jem at Renshaw Productions, who came up with a basic guitar loop – before I knew it, the song started to take shape. I am really excited to have finally found my voice, and my vibe, and can’t wait to produce more of my own material in the coming months.”

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More about Julia :

Julia is relatively new to the music industry, having vocal coaching for several years, and only this year featuring and writing lyrics on her first track alongside producer Max Romer (Drive Me Crazy), which achieved 75,000 streams in six months.


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