Jules Renner - Emotional Punching Bag

November 11, 2022

Here is a rather original subject of writing. Do you sometimes feel like an emotional sponge for those around you? You know, when you're just listening, taking it in, and carrying all that emotional weight on your shoulders and it ends up being really too much.

It is therefore essential to refocus on what really matters: our own well-being. How do we feel with all this weight on our shoulders? Yes, exhausted and our emotions are drowned out by the emotions of others, as Jules Renner confides:

"This song is a very vulnerable one, and the meaning behind it is quite plain in the lyrics. I find empathy to be a beautiful thing but also a very heavy burden to bear. I love to be the person that my friends and family go to for support, advice, understanding, and a loving shoulder to cry on but those emotions atop my own life's struggles get to be a lot."

This has happened to me many times and it is not always easy to be lucid about that kind of situation. Taking some distance and thinking about yourself then becomes obvious. This is what Jules Renner did when she wrote her new single "Emotional Punching Bag". Songwriting was her escape, among other activities like photography or traveling.

Carried by a simple but effectively catchy melody, the song also reminded her that she was not alone in this situation, and that other people could recognize themselves through her sensitive lyrics:

"Unfortunately, I have had more than a few things to toughen through in life, but I am the type to joke, make light of things, and try to change the mood. I want people to feel good in my presence and I don't want to be a burden in return, but then it creates this "Emotional Punching Bag" feeling that I think a lot of other sensitive, empathetic people can relate too."

The German-American artist now based in New York has been introduced to music when she was only 5. And she started writing her own songs at the age of 15. We often tell you on IMC: we fall into music very young and we can't live without it. But isn't it the healthiest of drugs?

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