Jon Reynolds & The Aches - Leather Jacket

December 10, 2020

Have you already have a sentence in your mind, running in circles for hours? That's exactly how this song started. This line was in the mind of Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade), and Jon Reynolds wrote this amazing song with him. Do I need to tell you that Jon created his team of musicians in... Nashville? Well, we already talked about Nashville hundred times here, so maybe I don't need to tell you. Did I do? Oh yes, I did. Too late. Let's talk about this great track now. When I've been sent this track, the description mentioned "something like The Killers mixed with The Weekend's "Blinding Lights". And I truly think that's a great description. But Jon Reynolds succeeded here to create something unique. The hook in the chorus is so great that you will have this song in mind for hours, even maybe for days. That's what happened to me. And when a song stays in your mind, it means that it has a lot of potential to become... a hit. And this feeling is even more powerful when you surprise yourself to sing along starting the second chorus. And I have to admit that the voice is really warm and can only invite us to sing and shake our head... This will probably happen to you too. Sometimes I'm a bit sad about the Indie Rock genre section on Indie Music Center, because it's hard to find gems in this genre, so that's why we feature more indie Folk or indie Pop gems, and I would like this genre to have the same amount of amazing songs. But this time, it's a perfect match and we're glad that the indie Rock section now contains a new incredible track. Well done, Mr Reynolds. I can't wait to hear what's next, now!

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Jon Reynolds & The Aches's point of view :

One of my favorite people to write with is Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade). He knows how to follow his instincts in a song, and that is exactly what he did when we wrote “Leather Jacket”. At that time, he was going through a rough break-up with his girlfriend of five years. This, incidentally, was the foundation for the lyrics. Let’s be clear: breakups are awful. They take a person and reduce them to a monolithic tragedy. All you can think about is the breakup which leads you to act out in ways foreign to your true self in an attempt to break or distract from the deep emotional firestorm that has become your day to day. What is even more gut wrenching is when you see this sort of behavior take root in your ex-partner (or soon to be ex-partner). The clothes they wear, the pictures they post, the places they go- none of them look like the person you experienced. You are left feeling angry and sad, but mostly, left out. You don’t get to experience this new, albeit horrible, phase of life together. I think “Leather Jacket” captures relationship fatigue mixed with the disappointing reality that you no longer have that person you once knew best. Ben started with one line in mind- “I think about you”: The quintessence of every broken heart, I think.

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Biography :

In his debut EP ‘A Fear Of’, front man and songwriter, Jon Reynolds flexes his craft by creating a team of premier Nashville musicians in the talent-soaked indie Americana band, Jon Reynolds & The Aches. With a sound that deftly straddles Southern Indie Rock and Classic Country", the group’s crowd-pleasing sets are just as tight on an acoustic stage as their full band sound, and with both shows dripping with chemistry, it’s not hard to hear the friends of friends introductions that brought them together. Armed with styles that hail from Gospel to Rock, each member brings a unique skill set to lift up the harmony driven ensemble which builds and breathes just as thoughtfully as the critique of the current US president ruminating behind each lyric. Rather than shying away from current events, Reynolds’ inspiration for the songs smoothly bleeds through the speakers as boldly as wet ink. “I believe that art should reflect society.” Reynolds says. “In most situations, artists try to distract or offer an escape from reality, and I have nothing against that, but this project aims to speak to those communal issues, and at least for a moment, show people they aren’t alone.” Jon Reynolds and The Aches will be releasing a string of singles through the rest of 2018, culminating in their debut EP, which will drop in January.


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