Johnny Jarko - Head in the Clouds

August 10, 2020

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If you didn't know Johnny Jarko yet, you'll love him.

We had a listen to his EP "Brittle Bones" last year. And we really enjoyed!

And we're really glad that he came to us with his new single "Head in the Clouds".

He wrote this song last year, without knowing what was going to happen in the world.

The song talks about the fact that we often have our head in the clouds, thinking about tons of things, and ignore our real problems.

Johnny told us "I wrote this last year, but it's become a perfect anthem for this current time.

It talks of the problems in the world, asking everyone to band together for change."

And we can confirm that it totally suits today's world...

Carried by beautiful guitar and piano, sweet and warm vocals, the song builds slowly, until a great final chorus, full of wonderful vocal harmonies, amazing vocal flights, and big drums.

When the song comes to an end, you only want one thing: to listen to it again. And again.

Included in our "Indie Folk Gems" playlist.

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