Joel Porter - Little Tooth

January 13, 2023

In the almost 100K songs uploaded to Spotify every day, there are artists who stand out with their authenticity and quality of writing. Oh yes, it is easy to make metaphors, you will tell me. But making random metaphors and perfectly mastering the art of metaphor are two very different things. And this song is a little gem that you don't want to miss!

Joel Porter is from North Dakota. I don't know why, but when I read the word "Dakota" I immediately have this Stereophonics masterpiece come to mind. But nothing to do with the alternative rock song here, Joel Porter rather bathes in an alternative folk universe. Above all, he has a very open mind, collaborating with many musicians playing string and brass parts for talented acts like Foreign Fields and Boom Forest, to name a few. And he also surrounded himself with people who gave another dimension to his music, like Eric Hillman (Foreign Fields).

After landing a sync in the original series "The100" with his song "Hymn" (Season 7 episode 4), Joel Porter is back with a new single.

"Little Tooth" is a clever metaphor, alluding to the passage of time and the things that you must undeniably get rid of in order to move on, as Joel confides:

"It's a warm, contemplative song about witnessing my partner age with a certain grace, and feeling stuck / left behind due to my resistance to the natural 'wither and bloom’ that comes with change. It's realizing that what we try to hold onto, like a baby tooth clinging to the gums, might be what we need to let go of to 'make a space for something new."

And precisely, "make a space for something new", which is the last sentence of the chorus, is also the advice I could give you for your favorite playlist. Make room for this little gem in which acoustic and electric guitars come together wonderfully, surrounded by pretty vocal harmonies and even discreet birds and a few piano notes (can you spot them?).

Gaining momentum over the minutes, "Little Tooth" invites us to pause, contemplate the landscape and reflect a little on who we are. Do we really need to burden ourselves with things that don't move us forward? Whether it's an object in the literal sense, or even a relationship, sometimes you have to take the plunge and move on to preserve yourself.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Little Tooth" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.


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tjporter, 1 week ago
Great review to an amazing song!