Joe Cleere - Stand Together

January 27, 2021

First time I heard Joe Cleere was on "Never Let You Go" by Mosimann. OK, I admit. My GF is a huge Mosimann fan, and I'm used to hearing Mosimann all day long. But "Never Let You Go", released in 2017, really appealed to me in every way. And the voice is no stranger to this strong power of seduction.

It is therefore with pleasure that we followed Joe Cleere, and we learned that our favorite Irish voice was releasing a new solo single. We had an immediate crush. This unforgettable voice offers a very unifying track, and we really need it, after the strange year we've all been through.

"Stand Together" is a huge anthem, which can only bring good vibes and smiles all over the world. With an incredible hook on the chorus, the song benefits from a superb production, and above all very effective: we promise that you'll have it running in your mind for hours, days, and weeks.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

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More about Joe Cleere :

Joe Cleere is a Soulful one of a kind artist. Coming from Ireland he grew up with the art of storytelling and this truly shines in his music. Over the past few years, he has featured as a vocalist and writer on hit singles for multiple international DJs amassing a huge 30 million-plus Spotify streams and reaching TV and radio across Europe. He also featured on the 2019 UK box office hit movie “Fisherman Friends”, singing "Feeling It For The First Time". 2019 marks the start of Joe's own releases in his honest "true to self" singer-songwriter style, taking inspiration from the likes of Ben Howard, Damien Rice, and legends such as Neil Young. Joe Cleere's first single "Innocence" came out last year and tells the story of what it's like as a parent to have to "wipe the innocence" from your child's eyes as they grow up and learn about the world. The new single called "Stand Together" brings exactly what the world needed: good vibes.


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